key policies

Behaviour Management Policy

Rosny College along with all other Tasmanian Government schools, is committed to providing your young person with a learning environment that supports them to be the best they can be. We work hard to provide safe, supportive and inclusive environments where your young person can engage positively with their learning.

To strengthen the way that schools prevent and respond to bullying, from Term one 2023, all Tasmanian Government schools will adopt and implement the Student Behaviour Management policy. This policy replaces the existing Respectful Student Behaviour Policy.

The important change between the old policy and the new policy is that now all schools will have the same minimum standards for preventing and responding to bullying. The new policy also has a clear definition of what bullying is, and sets clear expectations for how we support students impacted by bullying.

These changes mean that the way Rosny College prevents and responds to bullying will meet the same standards as all other Tasmanian Government Schools. Some schools may incorporate different programs or measures to respond to bullying, but all will have the same foundation.

For more information, see the Staying Safe in Tasmanian Government Schools parent fact sheet.

You can also download the Student_Behaviour_Management_Policy.pdf


Academic Integrity Policy

Rosny College follows the Department for Education, Children and Young People's policy on academic integrity.

For full details, the Academic Integrity policy can be downloaded here: Rosny_College_2023_Academic_Integrity_Policy.pdf