Welcome to Rosny College

Rosny College is a senior secondary college in Hobart, Tasmania and is an inspiring and empowering learning community. We maximise the diverse learning outcomes of our students by providing high-quality teaching in which you will be supported in developing and achieving your goals. We cater for all students who wish to continue their education, however our prime target group is the students moving from Year 10 into Years 11 and 12 and we welcome them regardless of their ability.

We are justifiably proud of our achievements in both academic and vocational learning. Our friendly staff will assist you during the enrolment process to ensure that your course will enable you to gain the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE), possibly pursue a vocational qualification and achieve an ATAR score. Remember, “learning is not a spectator sport” (D. Blocher) – your efforts now are important to gain reward in the future. You can try new activities such as outdoor education, pursue roles in our outstanding performing arts program, or gain leadership skills and assist with our common room social activities. Take up an opportunity to be a part of the Rosny College community.

It is well known that students achieve the best possible outcomes when the student, parents/carers and college work together. Parents and carers are invited to contact the College if you would like to make an appointment to visit the College prior to your child’s enrolment. Our staff are always willing to help resolve any questions or concerns you may have, and we appreciate information that you provide to assist us to better meet the needs of your child.

Rosny College offers to all students challenge, excitement and reward and allows you to develop new friendships. It can set you on your pathway to a future career or further education!


Rosny College's Values

Values are the foundation on which our culture is built. In 2023, the whole school set about revitalising our College’s values and aligning them with our Department for Education, Children and Young People's shared values of Connection, Courage, Growth, Respect, and Responsibility. This work has laid the foundation to help shape our culture and foster a sense of belonging and community for all our students, staff, and partners.
We are excited to see this work continue to grow in the coming years and are looking forward to exploring how these values are lived within our community and are expressed by our students and championed by our staff. Values link to many important 'why' statements, and allow us to move as a whole community, in a shared direction.
Our staff unanimously agreed, that our 'Why' is to support Bright Lifes, and Positive Futures for our students.  
'How' we measure and achieve this is to ensure that Every young person is known, safe, well, and learning.

Our Why 

Bright lives. Positive futures.


At Rosny College, we believe that by nurturing the diverse learning and wellbeing potential of each other, we are capable of achieving excellence and growth.



Our How

Every young person is known, safe, well, and learning.


At Rosny College, our passionate and expert staff work collaboratively to provide unique learning opportunities which empower all young adults for life. 


How we Demonstrate our Values at Rosny College

We demonstrate our values in various ways to ensure all students who come to Rosny College find connection at school, discover courage in their learning, continue to grow through their education, feel respected, and join a responsible community of learners. We encourage all our students, parents/carers and staff to be familiar with the common ways we champion our values listed below. 


We demonstrate Connection by

+ Seeking and providing support.

+ Building meaningful relationships so that everyone feels they belong.

+ Ensuring all voices are heard.

+ Ensuring everyone is known, safe, and supported.


We demonstrate Courage by

+ Embracing challenges with optimism and resilience.

+ Uniting when the work is challenging.

+ Inclusively exploring our, and others, authentic selves.


We demonstrate Growth by

+ Actively engaging in learning to develop and apply knowledge and skills.

+ Learning from each other and our community.

+ Connecting with and connecting through our learning.


We demonstrate Respect by

+ Embracing diverse views, beliefs, and cultures.

+ Communicating professionally and empathetically.

+ Showing pride in our collective learning.

+ Caring for each other and our environment.


We demonstrate Responsibility by

+ Seeing challenges as growth opportunities.

+ Being accountable to self, others, the College, and our environment.

+ Fostering safe and collaborative learning environments.

Contact Us

Phone:     6244 9200


Address:  20 Bastick St, Rosny TAS 7018